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Would you like to sell your antiques and collectibles quickly, hassle-free, and at the best price?

Antique Arena is the fastest-growing auction house in the USA.

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Depending on your needs we offer various types of partnerships. We can purchase your inventory or take it on consignment for the upcoming auction.
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We are offering appraisals and can sell your items quickly in the most favorable terms. Each of our partners and clients receives the utmost care and attention. Our team includes professionals with extensive experience in the appraisal and sale of antiques, which is why thousands of people entrust us with their valuable collectibles. - Anton Mesherski Founder and CEO of Antique Arena

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We’re working hard to promote Antique Arena. As a result, we have a large, growing client base all over the world.

Benefits of working with Antique Arena

Sell Collection You would like to sell either all or some of your collection.
Sell at best price You received an inheritance, would like to appraise it, and sell it for the best possible price.
Maximize your profit You are engaged in dealing with antiques and want to maximize your profit.
Selling your home You’re moving and do not want to bring the property to your new home.


05.14.2021 Alex K. There were some items in my collection that I just could not sell. Antique Arena was able to take care of this for me right away!

07.26.2022 Irene D. I inherited jewelry from my grandmother. Antique Arena appraised my items and was able to find a suitable buyer in no time.

02.19.2023 Jon R. I have worked at Antique Arena for several years now. Since then, I have been able to grow as an employee and improve my way of life.

09.30.2023 Galina M. I was moving to a different state, and there were some items that I couldn’t take with me. My friends suggested I get in touch with the specialists from Antique Arena, and I am so glad that I did. They took care of everything and I didn’t have to worry about anything.

Antique Arena can buy your items outright Sell directly
Become a vendor of Antique Arena Inc. Consign your items