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Different types of appraisals are designed for specific purposes, and it's crucial to recognize their distinct roles. For instance, you cannot substitute an insurance appraisal for an IRS appraisal. In most cases, formal appraisal reports are required, but if you're merely curious about the value of your artwork or considering selling it, a formal appraisal may not be necessary. In such situations, Art Valuation, which is a concise report, may serve your needs and be more cost-effective.

To best address your needs and determine what kind of appraisal work is required, you can fill out the form below.

Sample process for property inspection


Typically, our appraisers personally inspect the property and then conduct research and market verification back at the office. In some cases, we can perform appraisals remotely using provided images, descriptions, and documentation.


All appraisal work is billed at a rate of $200 per hour.


There is no charge for the first hour of travel from our offices, and a fee of $75 per hour is applied thereafter.


The fee for an on-site inspection is $150 per hour, and this amount will be credited towards the final payment if you choose to proceed with the appraisal.


During the "walk-through," the appraiser may provide comments on the potential resale value of the objects.

Antique Arena provides services such as:

We prepare Retail Replacement Value appraisals for fine art, decorative art, jewelry, and collectibles for submission to insurance companies.
Estate Planning & Tax
We provide Fair Market Value appraisals for financial planning and estate tax purposes. Our appraisals comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and meet the criteria for Qualified Appraisals as outlined by the IRS.
We prepare Fair Market Value appraisals for non-cash charitable contributions and tax deduction purposes.
Damage or Loss
We provide loss or damage appraisals to assist in settlement of insurance claims.
Family Division
We determine Fair Market Value and Marketable Cash Value for equitable distribution of assets in the event of divorce.
Art Loan
We provide Fair Market Value and Marketable Cash Value appraisals for art-secured lending.
Art Valuation

Valuation services do not require an on-site inspection. For examining the works, all images and catalogue information can be submitted via the Art Valuation Form or emailed to us.

  • The approximate number of hours needed to complete the project will be agreed upon prior to the assignment.
  • Oftentimes, valuation will require a minimum amount of work.
  • The fee for art valuation is $200 per hour.
Art Inventory

Art inventory cataloguing provides comprehensive information about your collection, from detailed photographs to medium, size, provenance, time period, condition, and value. Art inventory cataloguing is mainly used for art collection management.

  • The approximate number of hours needed to complete the project will be agreed upon prior to the assignment.
  • The cost of an on-site inspection is $150 per hour. A "walk-through" may not be required.
  • The fee for art inventory cataloguing is $200 per hour.

Our Appraisers


Katsiaryna Danilchyk is an independent appraiser, specializing in Postwar, Contemporary and Emerging Art. She is a Candidate for Accredited Membership at the Appraisers Association of America (AAA) and is USPAP compliant. Her expertise is in both private and auction sales supporting a wide range of clients from international collectors to large estates in the US.

For several years Katsiaryna has been an advisory associate in the brokerage department at Gurr Johns, a global art advisory firm which is very active in the secondary market, estate sales, valuations and appraisals. Prior to this role, she worked for KCM Fine Arts, an exclusive contemporary art advisory firm focusing on acquisitions and collection management for a select group of the "top 100" global collectors.

Katsiaryna's practice combines an academic, data-driven methodology with an intercultural sensibility and passion for the discovery of emerging artists.

Consign with Antique Arena

Join our worldwide network of consignors and sell your art, antiques and collectables from the comfort of your home. Our team of trained professionals will advertise your valuables to the fastest-growing consumer marketplace through online auction platforms such as,, and others.

How to Start
1. Sell Directly To Antique Arena

Sell your antiques and collectibles directly to Antique Arena and get paid as soon as we receive your items.

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2. Consign through auction
(in person or online)

Consign your antiques and collectables to be sold at one of our auctions. Once your items are sold and paid for, you will receive your payment. 20% auction house fee will be deducted from the hammer price of the sold lot. If the item does not sell, it will be returned to you.

Please note: shipping charges will be applied.

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