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Asger Oluf Jorn, Danish, American, 1914 to 1973, oil painting on canvas depicting an abstract composition, 1960. Signed and dated, lower left. Framed. Provenance: This piece was acquired directly from the private collection of Mr. Carlos Franqui, the cultural manager during the first decade of the Cuban revolution. The photo of Wifredo Lam, Carlos Franqui, and Asder Jorn does not include in the lot. Carlos Franqui was a highly regarded figure in the art community, known for his significant collaborations and contributions. He was a cultural manager during the first decade of the Cuban revolution under the Fidel Castro regime. One of his notable achievements was his collaboration with Wifredo Lam in organizing the Salon de Mayo 1967 in Havana, Cuba. This event played a crucial role in promoting and showcasing the artistic expressions of that time. Mr. Franqui also had a long-standing friendship with the renowned artist Asger Jorn, dating back to the early 1960s. In fact, he personally invited Jorn to participate in the Salon de Mayo. This friendship endured until Jorn's death and led to various collaborations between them. One remarkable collaboration was the creation of the "El Circulo de Piedra" portfolio, which featured lithographs by Giorgio Upiglio, showcasing works by Jorn and Corneille. In addition to his association with Jorn, Carlos Franqui collaborated with other esteemed artists such as Miró, Tapies, and Lam. His collaborations extended to working closely with Jacques Dupin, Giorgio Upiglio, and Miro himself, among others. This demonstrates the depth and breadth of his connections within the art community. Furthermore, Carlos Franqui made notable contributions beyond his collaborations with individual artists. He played a pivotal role in establishing the Miro Museum in Montecatini, Italy, during the organization of the Maggio Miro event in 1980. His dedication to promoting art extended to organizing exhibitions not only in Montecatini, Paris, and Cuba but also in Puerto Rico, where he had a significant presence in the art and journalism scene. Carlos Franquis impact on the art community is undeniable. His collaborations with influential artists and his efforts in organizing exhibitions and establishing cultural institutions highlight his immense contribution to the art world. His legacy as a cultural manager and his passion for promoting artistic expression continues to inspire and resonate with art enthusiasts and professionals alike. Asger Jorn is known for Abstract painting, political writing. A prolific painter of abstraction and political activist, Asger Jorn was a founding member of Situationist International, a group of agitators linked to Marxism and other avant garde philosophies with the goal of effecting major social and political changes. One of a kind artwork.

Overall good vintage condition. Signs of age and wear. Refer to photos. Sold As Is.
Frame 24 x 28 in, canvas 20 x 24 in. All measurements are approximate.

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July 22th, 2023