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Leonetto Cappiello, the great poster artist and caricaturist of the Belle Époque, will be honoured with an exhibition!

From 28 April to 22 September 2024, the Louis-Senlec Museum of Art and History in L'Isle-Adam will pay tribute to French cartoonist, poster artist, painter and sculptor Leonetto Cappiello, who is considered a pioneer of the modern poster. Capiello is best known for his advertising posters, but he was also involved in many other art forms, including caricature.
The exhibition will feature many of Capiello's illustrations for famous satirical newspapers of his time, including Le Rire, Le Sourire, Frou-Frou and Le Cri de Paris, as well as daily newspapers such as Le Gaulois.

Source: Le musée d’Art et d’Histoire Louis-Senlecq